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Body and Mind Centre – Cookies Policy, August 2020

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The Use of Cookies

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Why Do We Need Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is generated by a website and stored in a folder on your computer.  The cookie stored is unique to your computer.

Cookies are needed to make websites function more effectively.  For example, adding an item to your shopping cart on the Amazon website triggers the contents of your shopping cart being stored in a cookie.  Another example is when logging into a webmail service, i.e. Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, a cookie is generated that confirms you as having logged in.  When you log off, the cookie is then deleted.  Therefore, if someone goes back to your webmail address, they are not able to read any of your emails.

At Body and Mind Centre, the cookies we use are necessary for you to login and stay logged in.

All the major website browsers have options that will allow you to restrict the use of cookies.  However, in the majority of cases, restricting the use of cookies may limit the features you will be able to use on the Body and Mind Centre website.


For any questions, comments or requests regarding our Cookies Policy or our GDPR/Data Privacy Policy, please send to [email protected].