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Kashi Danielewska

Body and Mind Centre / Low Cost Counselling / Kashi Danielewska

Kashi Danielewska MBACP

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person. As a caring, warm-hearted, and supportive trainee counsellor, Kashi is passionate about assisting her clients to cope with life struggles. With a unique charm and friendly personality, she can create an accepting, confidential and non-judgmental environment where clients can express themselves openly.

Kashi has got managerial experience in financial services sector and for over a decade she has been helping others achieve their professional goals. She has helped people to progress and flourish in their professional development. Her professional experience also explains her excellent communication skills, strong work ethic, and ability to cultivate immediate rapport. She takes a keen interest in understanding her client’s needs and effectively works alongside them until they achieve desirable results.

Driven by her great desire to help others live a fulfilled life, Kashi is always acquiring more knowledge and seeking mentorship from reputable counsellors to improve her clients’ outcomes. She is a trustworthy, compassionate, and empathetic counsellor who will help you maximise your potential and capability. Kashi is an integrative counsellor in training. She draws on two approaches person centred and psychodynamic. Person- centred approach focuses on what is happening for you in the here and now, whereas psychodynamic approach focuses on your previous experiences and how they may affect your life now. Kashi is a member of BACP and adheres to their standards and ethics.