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Placement Counsellors

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Placement Counsellors

The Body & Mind Centre is a BACP Organisational member and works to their ethical framework. All of our counsellors are professional and dedicated to their clients. Your contact form will come through to reception, and we will ask you to complete an online assessment with details about yourself and why you are seeking counselling at this time. We will then be able to allocate you to a suitable counsellor.

Lesley Berliand

Lesley is a BACP registered trainee psychotherapist, preparing for her clinical exams (Diploma and CTA) and working towards her MSc.

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons: sometimes they are struggling to cope with the stresses of everyday life, feeling lost or empty, sometimes a specific event has made them realise a change is needed but they can’t see how things could be any other way, or perhaps they are noticing certain negative patterns in their lifestyle that they can’t seem to break. Sometimes the signs of mental or emotional distress are obvious. But at other times, they are harder to pinpoint. This is where therapy can help.

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Anna Geissmann

My name is Anna, I am a second year MA student in Dance and Movement. Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton and I work as a Peer Support Worker at Lambeth Hospital.

My approach with clients is integrative as I believe that we are all different and have different needs from therapy. My goal is to listen and help clients identify and reflect on specific needs so that I can support them in finding the resources to cope and move forward through difficult times. For some individuals this might mean looking at unhelpful patterns rooted in past experiences, for others it could lend more toward a focus on the here and now, and how to be in the present. I aim to meet the individual where they are to increase awareness and confidence and support clients through changes.

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Basia Josik

I am an integrative therapist, warm, compassionate, and easy to talk to. I offer space and presence that is warm, validating, respectful, caring, and supportive of healing. My intention as a therapist is to support clients to explore and move beyond difficult or limiting experiences and provide an opportunity for them to reconnect with their most authentic selves. Together we can find meaning and understanding in your thoughts, feelings, and at times conflicting emotions. Moving closer to self-compassion, confidence, and contentment in life.

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