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Philippa Madden

Philippa Madden BSc Hons. Trauma Adv PGDip. Clinical Supervisor Adv PGDip. MUPCA

I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor & Trauma Therapist. I offer a confidential space to explore both challenging life experiences and difficult thoughts and feelings in a non judgmental and empathic way.

I believe that every person that comes to see me is unique, so I generally base my practice on each person’s own experience and their immediate needs. However it may be for some, that their issues are more rooted in the past, thus affecting them in everyday life.

So are you finding life difficult right now? Or perhaps you are struggling in personal or professional relationships?

Are you are finding it hard to get to sleep, or stay asleep? Spending long periods of time constantly worrying about things? Or feeling stressed and finding it increasingly hard to make important life choices?

Have you experienced a traumatic event and are feeling as if this is still affecting you weeks ahead? Or have you experienced childhood trauma or even repeated trauma throughout your life, and believe this may be at the root of some of the issues?

During the first initial session, I may ask a few questions in order to get an understanding of how best we can move forward and work together. To assess whether a counselling approach, or more trauma focussed interventions, would be helpful in bringing about positive change.

We can decide together how many sessions are needed or work open ended. And I can answer any questions about the counselling process.

My aim is through dialogue, reflection, exploration and certain interventions and techniques, to assist and accompany a person to work through, and shift from any depressive, sad, stuck or anxious thoughts or feelings.

To help a person to become aware of themselves, and understand where the roots of these issues might be coming from. Really mindfully working together through any painful or difficult feelings, which may have become a stumbling block for positive change or development.

I also believe that the therapeutic relationship that will build over the sessions, will be at the heart of the work. So it is important to form a collaborative partnership with each other, which helps builds a good base for becoming more able to form and sustain relationships; whilst also gaining a sense of autonomy over one’s life choices.

I enjoy and have had extensive experience of working with diversity and therefore; welcome people from all communities, ethnicities, faiths, cultures and sexualities to my practice.

Fees £70