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162 Acre Lane, SW2 5UL
Mon-Fri 8:30am - 9pm | Sat 10am - 6pm | Sunday 10am - 6pm

Ashley Thorpe

Currently Unavailable. I am currently a student working towards a bachelor’s degree in theology and Counselling. I use an integrative approach to counselling with a psychodynamic core. This enables me to use different techniques to suit each client’s individual needs yet understand that for some of us past trauma and pain, both conscious and unconscious, is what could be troubling us today.

I believe that we all need comfort, and this often comes in meaningful, caring, and supportive relationships. Working together within the counselling process can enable us to find significance and re-renewed understanding for our tomorrow.

My strengths are that l care about people, I believe that we all have great value, and I have confidence that we can find meaning despite our sufferings. I have in-depth experience working alongside and supporting individuals with drug, alcohol and other addictions that have taken control of their lives, an understanding of the pain, loneliness and suffering that can accompany these addictions and the consequences that can follow. I believe that building a secure therapeutic relationship, recognising these issues and changing learnt patterns of behaviour that have harmed us or others can be the first steps to recovery.

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