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162 Acre Lane, SW2 5UL
Mon-Fri 9 am - 10 pm | Sat-Sun 10 am - 6 pm

Monika Anna Dec-Kutkiewicz MA, PNCPS (Accred)

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, maybe depressed, frustrated or under pressure?

You may not understand why you’ve been feeling the way you feel. You might be lonely, misunderstood, and unable to find any solace or solution to your difficulties. You probably know you would benefit from professional help and talking about and exploring aspects of your life that may be causing you difficulty will be helpful. Whether you’re going through a significant life change or are facing a challenging situation at work or in your personal life, therapy can help you to overcome those difficulties.

I will create a confidential and safe environment where you can voice your concerns, difficulties and unhelpful thoughts involving your own experiences and personal issues. Since I came to London in 2004, I have been passionate about working with people that come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, ages, sexual orientations, social experiences, races, and religions ( I have been working as a Counsellor with migrants, refugees for Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service in London)

My experiences, education (also a philosophy degree, teaching qualification & 6 years of experience as a Teacher) help me understand all situations and behaviours. Mental Health difficulties are well known to me as I used to work for over 10 years with people suffering from schizophrenia, personality disorders, bipolar disorder etc.

I am already interested in your story and am open to discovering the solutions to the difficulties and challenges in your life -together with you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions related to counselling you might have.

As a member of the NCPS, my practice is rooted in ethical principles, ensuring a respectful and confidential environment. My journey has taken me from teaching to psychotherapy, and from London to international work, each step deepening my understanding of the human condition. Together, we will navigate the complexities of your inner world, fostering a space of healing and growth.

I provide counselling in English and Polish, can communicate in German, Italian, Russian, also some Czech and Slovakian.

I am also a Relationship Therapist and I am committed to helping partners navigate the complexities of their relationships and build stronger, more meaningful connections.

Fees: £80

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